come lay down next to me and i’ll tell you about all the dogs i saw today 

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dein ”gute nacht, kleines” fehlt mir so.

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one time my teacher gave me an F on a paper and wrote “see me after school” on it and i was stressing all day about it but when i went later to ask her what was wrong with it she changed the F to an A and said “you were pissing me off this week i wanted you to suffer for a few hours” and i didnt trust her for the rest of the year

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  • mom: don't eat the cookies yet, they just came out of the oven and are too hot
  • me: fire cannot kill a dragon
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so my family plays this game where if someone is holding something and you yell “drop the bass” they have to drop what they’re holding so my mom was holding a carton of eggs so i yelled it and she looked me dead in the eye, dropped then eggs on the floor and whispered “you’ve gone too far

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